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12 YO

12 YO

The “Art of the Matter”

The 12 YEARS OLD Calvados from PERE MAGLOIRE is issued from a single distillation* of ciders made out of selected apples from Normandy.

Softer, single distillation reflects integrally the essence of the apple favours and aromas, giving to Calvados an intense and strong taste of its origin.

In the ageing cycle, 12 years is the ideal age for single distilled Calvados when reaching its optimal maturity.

The 12 YEARS OLD from PERE MAGLOIRE is positioned exactly like a “Pure Malt” in the whisky segment.

Colour: Golden brown
Nose: Fresh hazelnut, banana and spicy aromas.
Palate: A perfect balance between the wood and matured apple aromas, subtlety and silkiness, blossom and orange trees with fruity aftertaste.
* According to the law.

Silver Medal
Concours Général de Paris

Silver Outstanding
Gold Medal
       12 ANS EN ETUI
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