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PERE MAGLOIRE Pommeau is the result of a judicious blend of the fresh must of cider apples and selected Calvados aged in oak barrels.

To obtain Pommeau of high quality, PERE MAGLOIRE selects specific apple varieties rich in polyphenols.
These components, combined with an optimal maturation in oak barrels of 3 years (minimum 14 months by Law) will bring to PERE MAGLOIRE Pommeau its structure, length on the palate, aromatic richness, remarkable mellow, well-balanced flavours and steady colour.

To avoid alteration of its freshness and aromas, PERE MAGLOIRE Pommeau is very slightly filtrated. Therefore, some natural sediments may appear.
PERE MAGLOIRE Pommeau is to be served chilled.

Appellation Pommeau de Normandie Contrôlée

Color: Amber, tile-red.
Nose: Cooked apple fragrance. Presence of Calvados
Palate: Barley sugar with notes of ripe fruits. Almost candied prunes.

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