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Since 1821, Calvados Père Magloire reflect our goal of producing high-quality Calvados and Calvados Pays d’Auge with a subtle balance between authencity and refinement.


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The story of our Calvados starts in the Pays d’Auge Norman orchards. A land gifted with all graces by Mother Nature, this region benefits from a temperate climate born of hot currents from the Gulf-Stream and oceanic winds. There the apple tree reigns supreme and one hundred different varieties thrive. They appreciate the regional clement climate and the local soils of silicious clay and sub-soils of limestone, draining and  neither too wet nor too dry.

Our cellar master

Jean-Luc Fossey

Our Cellar Master Jean-Luc Fossey develops a perennial and qualitative approach by developing the aromatic finesse and complexity of the calvados ensuring the future of the brand.

“I have inherited from my predecessors many casks full of venerable vintages and with them a whole legacy, and it is now my role to make it bear its fruits. We usually say it is all about finding the right balance between the hearts of distillation and the heart of the oak, about blending the aromas of apple and those of the wood from oaks of the French forests.”

We must first and foremost take into account time and space, without forgetting the hygrometry level. The ageing of calvados won’t go at the same pace in a wet or a dry cellar, in a small or big cask, also depending on how full a foudre is or how old it is. Here we favour French oak with a looser texture and a big grain for an optimal exchange with the surrounding air.



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1. A geographical difference

Two distinct zones both benefiting from an oceanic climate with a low amplitude of temperatures. Calvados Pays d’Auge is marked by hillside of clay and limestone.

2. A difference of distillation


The vast majority of eau-de-vie from the AOC Calvados undergo a single distillation in column stills.

Pays d'Auge

Calvados Pays d’Auge must exclusively be distilled by double distillation in copper pot stills.


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